exhibition on tour

»Everything you can imagine is real«


This exhibition was a huge success in the Swedish Museum of Movement. Afterwards the exhibition toured to Berlin where Her Swedish Majesty the Queen inaugurated it. As a number of cities has shown their interest this exhibition will continue its tour.

With scissors, tape, string and thousands of paper sheets, Bea Szenfeld has created extraordinarily unpractical creations that together form
»Haute Papier« – The White Collection. The handmade costumes have been worn by artists such as Lady Gaga, Laleh and dancers, singers and musicians from The Royal Swedish Opera.

A ballerina swinging in a chandelier, musicians among hundreds of travelling bags, singers dressed in the costumes of Bea Szenfeld and other surreal scenes are also shown in the exhibition. These are images by KAROLINA HENKE, CARL THORBORG and STINA WIRSÉN, created for and in collaboration with THE ROYAL SWEDISH OPERA.

POMPE HEDENGREN, creative director at STOCKHOLM GRAPHICS, has worked four years together with The Royal Swedish Opera and the photographers to create the world that the exhibition shows.

The pictures and the design has already been awarded with five international Design Awards.


exhibition information 

The exhibition contains 15 pieces of paper art works by Bea Szenfeld. 
The number of pieces can be fewer according to the size of the exhibition area.

On the surrounding walls photos by Karolina Henke and Carl Thorborg and illustrations by Stina Wirsén are shown on huge textile prints, same size as the walls. We customize the amount of pictures according to the size of the exhibition walls. New textiles are always printed since they need to fit perfectly on the walls.

The original exhibition area was about 230 square meters.
A professional spot light arrangement is important in order to show Beas work properly. It is best if the exhibition rooms are without day light.
The paper works need careful dry and tempered climate.

Storage: a dry storage is needed where the all the boxes can be during the exhibition.

Pompe Hedengren is the producer of the exhibition,
Sofia Johansson the project manager and Stefan Persson the technician.



12 mannequins are needed 

They need to be stable and able to wear 30–40 kg. 
Mannequins options:
The organizer arranges mannequins. 
The mannequins must be approved by Bea.
Maybe a cooperation with a local fashion store is possible. 
Each mannequinn needs a black catsuit that Bea will sew.
One catsuit costs 1500 SEK.



The 15 pieces of paper art work: 30 cubic meter and weighs 210 kg (including boxes).
The pieces must be in a dry and tempered climate all thorough the transportation.
The photo printed textiles doesn’t weigh much and fits into a big suitcase.

It takes approximately five days to build the exhibition and two days to take it apart. 
People who need to come while building the exhibition: 
Pompe Hedengren, Bea Szenfeld, Stefan Persson and Sofia Johansson. 
People who need to take the exhibition down: Bea Szenfeld

Please contact us for more information and budget.
Producer Pompe Hedengren +46 73 671 26 84pompe@stockholmgraphics.com
Project manager Sofia Johansson +46 73 673 07 96 sofia.johansson@smallworld.se